[Website last updated: 16 May 2019]

Website contents:

  • Amateur English translations of talks and homilies presented at the Rome 2008 Congress-Pilgrimage of the Ordo virginum and the text of the two talks given in English by Judith Stegman and then Archbishop Raymond Burke. These can be accessed here.
  • Excerpts from Church documents relating to the Ordo virginum;
  • Reflections on canon 604 taken from Father René Metz’s work;
  • The 1970 Rite of Consecration in Latin and English.
  • Differing interpretations of Praenotanda 5a—“never married or lived in public or open violation of chastity”—of the rite of consecration by two dicasteries: CDWDS and CICLSAL;
  • Selected comments on the 2018 Instruction Ecclesiae Sponsae Imago gathered from the internet;
  • Excerpts from Ecclesiae Sponsae Imago and other sources on the bond between the Diocesan Bishop and the Ordo virginum;
  • Excerpts from various sources on the biblical foundation, and the nature and value of, Christian virginity;
  • Official statistics from responses to the 2015 questionnaire on the Ordo virginum sent by CICLSAL to bishops’ conferences;
  • Timeline;
  • A brief history of the Ordo virginum from the Instruction Ecclesiae Sponsae Imago;
  • A longer history of the consecration of virgins from Father René Metz’s work.


A personal website of Bernadette Chen, consecrated virgin (Ordo virginum), consecrated in 1998 in the Diocese of Auckland, New Zealand, and now residing in the Diocese of Christchurch, New Zealand.

Many references have been omitted from the content. Contact me if you need a reference.